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Mobile Website Design / Development Project


I designed and developed this mobile website for the company I am currently working for. This is not a mobile app, this is a website optimized for mobile devices. I created the entire UI, layout, design, front-end code, back-end code, ColdFusion logic, MS SQL database queries/inserts/updates, javascript code, support of Google Map API, SEO optimization.

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Facebook App: Company Job Openings

I designed and developed a Facebook App page to show all current company job openings to extend the reach from the company website to the Facebook network. I connected the page to the company server through remote calls to get current job information.
I decided to follow the Facebook UI/UX guidelines to mimic a native Facebook experience. I recreated all necessary CSS styles that are also retrieved remotely from the company server. I added a simple way of filtering the results by state and job title.


Tools/Skills Used:
Facebook API, Facebook App wrapper, Layout, UI, UX, ColdFusion, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Native Facebook feel

A Web Accessible Portal For Corporate Customers

I created the portal for our corporate customers that is accessible through the web. I created the ui/ux design, the front-end code and the backend logic including the database connectivity. The design elements are custom made.

I focused on simplicity while keeping a professional appearance.


Login screen shown in the screenshot above (click on the screenshot for a full size preview).


The screenshot above shows the overview of spaces rented including details (click on the screenshot for a full size preview). The focus here was to make it feel like a spreadsheet. This screenshot shows the scrollbars at the bottom and to the right, indicating the position of the viewport in relation to the document. A live search and sort feature (with the ability to do multiple column search) has been integrated as well.


The screenshot above shows the invoices section which allows the client to download that data as a PDF file or as an Excel file (click on the screenshot for a full size preview). Search and sort feature are available as well.

Tools/Skills Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CSS, HTML, ColdFusion, MS SQL, JavaScript, jQuery

Requirements/Considerations: Older browsers needed to be supported due to the nature of different corporate IT setups. Internet Explorer 8 and up needed to be supported. Other modern browsers needed to be supported as well (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The iPad needed to be supported since it was used to demonstrate the app on trade shows.

Climate Control Icon


A series of simple web/print icons for a client I am working on. Here a sketch of the first one. The icons are representing different conditions for rental storage units. This one represents climate control which keeps the storage unit within a defined temperature range throughout the year.


From sketch to vector. This is the final result.

Tools/Skills Used:
Adobe Illustrator