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Pen Turned Into A Low Poly 3D Model

A couple years ago I started learning 3D modeling. My current job doesn’t require me to use my 3D skills and there aren’t any requests coming from my own clients. That said I like to keep up to date on it and model away when I get a chance.


A low poly model I created from my pen.


A simple render without using any textures.

Tools/Skills Used:
Maxon Cinema 4D

14×14 Mini Icons


I love tiny icons especially when they are crisp and don’t need any explaining in regards of their purpose. A client needed some 14×14 icons with the option of being able to easily resizing the icons on their end.

This is just a select selection of the over 200 icons I created for the client.

Tools/Skills Used:
Adobe Photoshop

To accommodate for the resizing factor I used shapes which are like vectors for all of the 14×14 icons.

PixelGrinch v4


This was the most recent version of my website.

I created the entire site from the ground up. Every aspect of it was custom made. I created the design, ui, icons, front-end code, back-end code and developed the entire content management system (CMS) from scratch using PHP and MySQL as database backend and rounded it off with with SEO optimized content and markup. The CMS was simple but did all I needed it to do and it was blazing fast since it had only the features I personally needed.

Tools/Skills Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop: Mock-ups, layout, ui, images, icons, designs, photos
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery : Markup, front-end, layout
PHP: Programming Language I used to create the CMS
MySQL: Database backend I used for the CMS
SEO: content, schema.org, Google Analytics

Pink Ribbon


I met a breast cancer survivor, and what an experience. Breast Cancer Awareness Day was around the bend and I created a pink ribbon to honor that day. I haven’t really found any nice ribbons so I created one myself. Later I added different color variations to cover many other awareness categories.


I used Adobe Illustrator to create the ribbons. On request I converted the pink ribbon into many different formats. As matter of fact why don’t you go ahead and download your own copy right now.

Tools/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (for the various format exports and size conversions used to create the downloadable package)