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14×14 Mini Icons


I love tiny icons especially when they are crisp and don’t need any explaining in regards of their purpose. A client needed some 14×14 icons with the option of being able to easily resizing the icons on their end.

This is just a select selection of the over 200 icons I created for the client.

Tools/Skills Used:
Adobe Photoshop

To accommodate for the resizing factor I used shapes which are like vectors for all of the 14×14 icons.

Pink Ribbon


I met a breast cancer survivor, and what an experience. Breast Cancer Awareness Day was around the bend and I created a pink ribbon to honor that day. I haven’t really found any nice ribbons so I created one myself. Later I added different color variations to cover many other awareness categories.


I used Adobe Illustrator to create the ribbons. On request I converted the pink ribbon into many different formats. As matter of fact why don’t you go ahead and download your own copy right now.

Tools/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (for the various format exports and size conversions used to create the downloadable package)