Metro Tasks For iPad

The client asked to create an entire user interface and art work for their new iOS app, Metro Tasks.

They requested to have everything available on the screen without the user ever being distracted by a slide in/out, etc. It was about getting things done without distraction. They requested folders around a desk feel and the folders should have some depth to them. Every single element is custom made from scratch (Except the Facebook and twitter logo).


Above screenshot showing a collection of a few custom ui elements I have created.

metrotaskappiconThe application icon in various non-Retina resolutions.

metrotasksland Lanscape ScreenshotmetrotasksportPortrait Screenshot

Tools/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Requirements/Considerations: All shapes had to be created in a vector like fashion to avoid having to redo most the work when it is time to create the retina version of the icons. My approach was to start with the smallest resolution first and then migrate to the largest resolution by adding additional detail.