Magazine Ad for chillingo


Chillingo ( emailed me letting me know that they just got a last minute deal on a full page ad for the iPhone Life magazine. Having done previous work for them, he asked if I would be interested in creating the ad. They explained the biggest challenge is to get this ad done within the next 2 hours.

I asked if they had any requests for the layout or any direction. They said: ‘it is all you, all we have is screenshots of the apps we want featured in the ad’.

I agreed and said: ‘let’s do this.’

Chillingo sent me the specs for their printer, document dimensions, and screenshots of the apps they wanted to see in the advertisement.

I aimed for a clean look with a simple flow, trying to Guide the eye from the game screenshots to the top where the logo is located at and finally back down to the headline and text.

In an effort to get the readers attention I tried to visually break the ‘flow’ by placing one of the devices in a different angle.

chillingo loved the ad, so did the founder of the iPhone Life magazine. He mentioned that if I ever need some additional work, he has plenty available. I thought that was pretty awesome.

Tools/Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator

Challenges/Considerations: 2 hour deadline